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Taiwan Electric Voice CO., Ltd.

Taiwan Electric Voice CO., Ltd. As known as leading manufacture on microphone field, specializing in every major sound area and accessories. With our R&D group together to meet all complex consumer needs and service to world wide by TEV brand it self.

We have achieved the ISO-9002 International Quality Recognition and being one of the members in International Quality Guarantee Association. We always aim to perfection in quality and keep self-challenging as by improving our technique and skill from time to time. Our products do prove that what is good in quality and value for money.

Through years of experiences, we consistently devote ourselves in enhancing the quality of microphones and keep releasing new patterns in body structure to cope with the latest market trend. We offer broad ranges of microphones, which is ideal to use in stage, with PA system, when karaoke, or with home theater system etc, we do praise the consumer level.

To achieve the customers needs and the market trend. We do our best to present the portable PA-System Series. The small portable PA is TA-330, the middle one is TA-530, and the large one is TA-750. The TA-750 is the only and first one Portable PA-System with the 17” LCD screen in the world.

With years of involving in the international electronics fair, grows up year by year from gaining experiences and taught through feedbacks, suggestions, comments, and ideas that shared by clients and friends. We certainly believe that the only way to reaching our customer’s better satisfaction is to continuous our own creativity & improvement. Hope you may feel our achievement and development. We welcoming for your sharing too.

Thank you very much.

Company History:
1988 Company was founded.
1991 TEV was registered in Asia-Pacific region
1996 1994Completed CIS plan, established enterprise identification system
1995 Set up CWQC movement
1996 Recognized by the UK SGS certification (ISO-9002)
1997 Set up E-mail and Homepage, entered the zone of international web applications
2001 Wireless microphone AA battery series
2003 Carried on developing kinds of wireless microphones
2004 Independent charging series
2006 UHF 700-channel selectable True Diversity series
NEW World 1st Portable PA system with LCD